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Originally Posted by UNB Bruins Fan View Post
Does any sport in any conference have something similar to this? It seems like if you are good enough to play, and have the marks, you should be allowed to play.

I still think they should have something in place for major injuries...something like you can have an extra player (or players) but as soon as they play a game that makes another guy ineligible to play for the rest of the season. Otherwise you are going to see a lot of guys come back less than 100%.
What little I do know is that the way I've seen the rule written up to now is very basic and there surely will be more discussion on it before it's written into law for next season. I'm thinking a system where teams can only have 21 skaters on the roster but rosters can be revised during the season? Maybe at Christmas or maybe at the 7-14-21 games mark? With the 21 gp roster being official for the playoffs or something, or maybe allowing another revision at the end of the regular season.

I know the way it's written now there's bound to be some exploitable loopholes and someone will find a way around it.

Originally Posted by UNB Bruins Fan View Post
UNB played pretty good tonight, definitely an encouraging weekend (especially without Culligan for either game) although the number of penalties still concerns me. They took 6 straight in the second period and fortunately only gave up one goal. The lack of shots is also a bit worrisome...only 22 tonight....3rd game in a row they have been under 30 which almost never happens. The power play has looked much better in the early going, however. LaCosta was very good in both games...I think he played like the guy we were all expecting to see after joining the team. Goalie controversy brewing??

Also watched the overtime and shootout of the Acadia/Moncton game, great back and forth action with both goalies making some big saves. Is it safe to say that Lemay is the guy in net for Moncton now? I know it has only been 4 games but he has looked solid in his two starts against UNB/Acadia, while Guay has been pulled from both of his.
I think we're just going to ride the hot hand for now, and right now that's Lemay. He's been brilliant thus far. It'll be even better when we figure out we're allowed to play in the first forty minutes of games.

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