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Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
I think Gilroy is a fine depth player.

The salary cap is going down. Having a group of "black aces" like Gilroy, Eminger, and Bickel who can fill in on both defense and forward at cheap prices is going to go a long way for the team.

Injuries happen.

Having versatile cheap depth players will help.

Del Zotto still needs a new contract. Next summer Stepan, McDonagh, Hagelin need new ccontracts. The summer after Kreider, Callahan, Girardi and Lundqvist need new contracts. 2015 Staal.

With the cap decreasing, moving forward having guys that are versatile, imperfect, and cheap are going to be very important.

The reality is no team can have 23 perfect players. Gilroy is on par if not better than most 6-7 defensemen in the league. He's not looking to cash in. He wants a job. He clearly wants familiarity. Torts likes him. Hes from the area. He can skate at an elite level. He has some skill. Hes a hard worker, coachable. Cheap. Can't ask for more in a depth player that may surprise.

This was the issue with signing Asham. Waste of cap space. Overpaid by a lot for a 4th line player. Haley could fill that spot. Rupp and Asham are overpaid for their roles.

The future is going to be about finding value.

Want a big body that can forecheck, cant skate, and can punch a face, Bickel can fill that role. You don't need to spend 1.5 million on the Rupps of the world.

Want to replace Prust's speed and effort? Why spend 1 millon on Asham when Haley can do it for 600k.


Value where its needed on the lower lines, and as you progress up the lineup guys get paid. As they should.

The days of over paying fringe players is hopefully at an end.

The cap dropping from 70 to 59 you cant have Rupp and Asham taking up 2.5 million when guys like Haley and Bickel can do the job for 1.35 million.

This is why a Gilroy, Bickel, and Eminger are going to be invaluable to a team.

People complain ignorantly "they sucksssss" when they don't look at the whole picture. They don't suck, first. Second, they are servicable, and cheap. So that the core players can be retained when they need new contracts.

The Rangers have something most if not none have. 5 defensemen that are top four defensemen, home grown. So if a clause is put in the new CBA like in the NBA where you can spend more on your own FA, we may be able to keep them together.

Plus Skjei, who is really good, if anyone has been watching him in Minnesota, and McIlrath, in the system.

The 6-7 are going to have to be cheap, imperfect players.

Same for the fourth line and the healthy scratches.
The problem with that analysis is that Asham and Rupp have been regular game in--game out NHL players for years because they find ways to fit into roles that teams do need. No argument that Gilroy is more talented and a better skater but he's also 28 years old and hasn't established himself after 3 years knocking around 3 teams and back to the Rangers. Part of the problem is he's about as soft as it gets for a defenseman. Part of the problem is his frequency of getting caught in the gray area between attacking and defending which means he doesn't read plays well. Part of the problem is that even as gifted as a skater, passer with good offensive instincts he hasn't produced much offense. Lee Baldwin can skate and pass very well too--think is another thing. Gilroy's hockey sense has some holes.

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