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05-14-2006, 12:57 AM
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Originally Posted by mcphee
Stan, I think the fact that Lacroix won twice and contended for a period of time makes his tenure a success. I think he's leaving things worse then what he found when he arrived but that's the price of success.

More importantly, could you drop the Ajax from your screen name ? My cousin did something terrible to me involving Ajax, while I was tied up in the back of a trailer at my stag party in the summer of 1977. I've gotten over it, but every time you post, the memory is dredged up.
Of course, the Avs won 2 Cups and that's a great achievement. Nobody can take these ones away from him and certainly not everybody could have done the same. I just wanted to point out that he hadn't to be as creative as Sather/Lowe in Edmonton to put a competitive team on the ice. Then Mike8 would argue that Sather and Lowe have to be blamed for keeping a poor scouting team and he would be right. But let's move to the important part of your post.

I unfortunately can't accept your request, with all the respect I have to you, McPhee. I owe you an explanation. When I first crossed the pond known as the Atlantic Ocean in a phone cable to know more about the NHL, the mighty Montreal Canadiens and their already God but not captain yet Saku Koivu, I berthed (?) on the RDS website, mostly because of the language and because Google was still a dog name in that 1998 year. I then went to post on the RDS forum, which was not that bad at the time. At least at first. My pseudo was a bare Ajax at the time and I still have a couple of friends from that time that use this name to talk to me on the web. After being a victim of racism for the first time of my life because I was French and not French Canadian and had no business in being interested in hockey, RDS screwed its forum for the first time, and my first pseudonym was just anavailable. That's when I added the Stan, after a long thought. The Ajax part is still a big part of my virtual identity, despite all the people I've talked with since the big change refer to me as Stan.

I now have 3 solutions to help you with your pain :

- First, you can ask one of the mods around here if it would be possible to add a half-ignore list so that you can see only the first part of my name. Yet, they have to not screw the job, 'cos you might have trouble understanding me if you can read only one word out of two in my posts.

- I can also explain you where my Ajax comes from and tell you the story of the might Greek hero if you don't already know it. Then, I can explain you how the Amsterdam football/soccer team chosed this name to give it to the club, and I can tell you the story of one of the most successful teams in Europe.

- Finally, you can explain to us what happened to you in 1977 and hope that this acts as a therapy to erase the pain.

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