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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
I think having Scheifele with the NHLers, even for a week, is a positive. Will help him learn the pace needed. What is there really to figure out? There's only what, 2 new forwards, are we completely re-inventing systems? These guys have played hockey their whole lives, it's not like they are re-inventing hockey systems in a week. I don't see how having Mark here, or running a condensed training camp are mutually exclusive is all I am saying. I am only talking about having 15-16 fwds, 8-9 d, 2 g in camp, it's not like you are having separate practice schedules, or a bunch of rookies. But you bring in the guys that can legitmately challenge for spots, and considering Scheifele FORCED his way onto the roster to start the year last year when it was clear Chevy/Noel did not expect him to play, makes him a legitemate candidate, IMO.
Just difference of opinion I guess. I think with a compressed schedule that week is critical. Guys have to get their timing back, get used to playing with each other again, and get thinking about the systems as second nature. I don't want a few sloppy games at the beginning of the year because we are giving players we know aren't going to be here a look or some kind of carrot.

Besides, is it the best for Scheifele right now? Of course he wants to come play with the big boys for a while, who wouldn't? But he is in a groove in Barrie right now. Why disrupt it? He would I am sure understand, he is a character guy.

The only guys that are not locks for the NHL roster this year that should be in Winnipeg when the lockout ends are the tweeners we need to make decisions on for call ups, 13th F 7th D guys. Postma, Redmond, Cormier, Macho. Guys like that.

I feel pretty strongly about this. If the Jets can come out of the gate strong in the first couple weeks, it could mean the difference between playoffs or none. I know what I would do, but I don't know what the org. WILL do. There are good arguments to be made for both moves.

EDIT: As for your last point? I think there is zero chance 55 will make the Jets this year. I think the org. has already decided it would be a great disservice to his development to let him crack the roster this year (or even next). The plan, as I see it, is Barrie this year, WJC's, good playoff run hopefully, and Ice Caps. Next year, a full year to play with men and get stronger in St. John's. They don't want to burn 2 years of an ELC on a underdeveloped player. The Mark Scheifele that cracks the NHL in '14 will be much more ready for the NHL.

Go Jets Go!
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