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10-21-2012, 01:10 PM
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You have 2 sides with extreme opinions on either side of the debate. I think most neutrals would agree that the solution lies somewhere in the middle. Unfortunately both sides are convincing themselves that they can hit a home run with this trade.

On one side you have Canucks expecting 1st rounders, Gardiner, Lupul, Reilly back and even expecting mystery teams to get involved and make dumb trades just to fit the fantasy.
On the other you have Leafs fans thinking they can get Luongo for cap dumps or any other garbage they can lay their hands on and it's Burke this, Burke that, the sun shines out of Burkes *** etc. Hell I have seen some TO fans asking for Vancouver to add a 1st to Luongo just to dump the contract

What is up for grabs is an excellent goalie who is 33 on a long contract with a reasonable cap hit. (a chunk of the risk could even be mitigated in the new cb)

Canucks likely have a window of 1-2 years to win a cup, what is going to help them achieve that? Luongo or a bunch of garbage? So it's obvious that Leafs have to offer something decent to tempt Vancouver into making a deal, it's got to help them too.

If Leafs fans don't want to pay a reasonable price for Luongo the look elsewhere or go with your current tandem. It's just ridiculous to want/need him yet think you can get him for nothing or expendable pieces.

If Canuck fans don't want to accept a reasonable price then find another dance partner or keep him(the best option imo and there is no hard evidence to suggest that's not a very real possibility despite what some Leafs fans want to believe. It's not unreasonable that he could win the starting job from Schneider)

From a neutral pov roster player+good prospect+2nd seems like a fair return for Luongo all things considered.

Luongo+ for Bozak/Kulemin + Kadri + 2nd

Before anyone gets too excited the + on the Vancouver side is not Kessler probably something fairly minor.

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