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Originally Posted by in the hall View Post
Why would they cancel the season when it can obviously still be salvaged? It was an article based on hearsay, let common sense prevail.
i agree, but you have to think that if a deal is not made soon, maybe this week they have to start thinking about canceling at least the Winter Classic and if the league is willing to lose the Winter Classic then they may just cancel the rest of the season (i think it is still too soon to cancel the season, but who knows)...I am still holding out hope they come to terms this week and we start a full season on Nov. 2nd.

I would assum that the Winter Classic will have to be cancelled soon because the planning and setting up and the 24/7 all need to really get underway of getting going (maybe not actual setting up but a lot of pieces, not too mention who is going to put time and money into creating sponsorships to an even that may not go through).

Also, I believe, truly believe if goodenow never offered a 24% rollback last time around then the owners would not be asking for that or something similar right now.

From the articles, tweets, TSN Radio, NHL Network Radio (Sat. radio) I have been reading/listening to it sounds to me, and i'd put money on this, that the majority of the owners are not all in on this lockout. From what i have heard/read they only needed a vote of 8 yes's of the 30 owners to force the lockout. And the reports and those that say bettman is just doing what the owners say, why not get a vote on the proposals the PA offered, and see what the owners what to do, he only has 30 owners to talk to...Fehr has 700+ players and he always talks to maybe not all of them, but the onese that care and are contacting him.

One final point I want to make, this HRR split we are hearing so much about, 50/50 is where it will most likely end up. It is ONLY Hockey Related Revenue, which means there is probably a lot more money on other areas the owners bring in for revenue that is not included. So when you hear the owners are losing money it is based off of the HRR numbers not the TOTAL REVENUE.

I am sorry this turned into a book, I just got typing and this is where it wound up. I am pro players. I do wish the pPA could have worked off of the owners proposal on Tuesday, and the third option by the PA was put together probably right before their meeting on Thursday, but I liked that one the best so far, and i don't understand by the league does not accept that and add in the contractual limits they so want. In principle i don't agree with owners trying to not honor the contracts they have been handing out right up to the final hour of the expiring cba. I am glad dolan was not like that, he gave out fair contracts, i think the only outrageous contract was richards and even then I full expect richard to play until he is 40 (i may be wrong but i think his contract is up when he is 40)

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