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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
I doubt Redmond is up. I am not nearly as high on him as some people here are, I think he is being vastly overrated on these boards at this point.

I don't see one week away for an NHL TC as "getting him out of the groove". If that's the case, the 2-3 week WJC experience will be a disaster no?

Organization has already decided? Then WHY would they add him on the list of players they can recall for a mid-season camp. Many a solid prospects did NOT make that list around the league, in fact only ~15 teams submitted any names at all. Why would the Jets even bother submitting his name if he had no chance of making the team.

He MADE the team last year. He was the leading scorer in the entire NHL in the pre-season. He forced his way on. I am not sure why everyone wants to handle him with the biggest baby gloves ever. Exactly what you want is a player to force his way onto the roster. THAT's what your looking for, not a certain time limit you must spend in juniors/AHL. I don't see Scheifele in the AHL next year, at least I hope not. I want to see him force the Jets hand, like he did last year, only maintain that into the season. Star prospects generally don't spend time in the AHL. Who was the last top 6 forward to come from DET's much lauded AHL system? Only top 6er currently on their team that went through AHL is Filppula. Top prospects, the elite, force their way onto the roster (Landeskog, Skinner, O'Reilly, Duchene, etc). They force the teams to not treat them with kiddie gloves. I fully expect Scheifele to do that.

Also, next year they burn a year of the ELC no matter what. So there is no way they can "burn" two years of the ELC. Next year would actually be "burning" a year of the ELC by wasting it in the AHL, too look at it another way.
I will admit that my knowledge of contracts is rudimentary at best so I will defer that to you.

Scheifele 'almost made' the team (seriously, I don't know if anyone actually thought that was going to happen) by playing way above his head against weaker competition. When the competition got real in the regular season we saw where his development really was compared to actual NHL rosters. No risk of him staying up.

This year, our forward group is stronger. Cormier and Machacek will challenge to stay up, as might Klingberg. Jokinen and Poni are here. Fehr is most likely still in the equation (as much as y'all might scoff about that). He is in Winnipeg and will most certainly be invited to whatever camp we have.

I think you are overstating how close Scheifele was to cracking the roster last year. I also think that even taking into consideration the ELC rules he may still very well play in St John's next year. I believe TN will be patient with their prospects, and I believe that is the correct way to develop players.

PS the mid season recall list? That IMHO is just smart management. Does it cost the org anything to put him on this list? I would imagine not. Why not keep that option open even in if it was not in your plans to actually call him up? Again, as I said in my last response, I don't know what the org WILL do. I just know what I would do if I was making the decision.

Go Jets Go!

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