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Originally Posted by Holden Caulfield View Post
I doubt Redmond is up. I am not nearly as high on him as some people here are, I think he is being vastly overrated on these boards at this point.
I agree with you except for this part. I think he'll go to camp but then get sent down again.

On our boards we voted him as our 11th best prospect.
Hockey's Future has him as our 7th best prospect.
Hockey Prospectus has him as our 7th best prospect.
NHL has him as our 7th best prospect.
AIH has him as our 4th best prospect (reasoning why was the editor then was using heavy weighting on pro-experience, ex: pushed Telegin behind him; I doubt he'd be there today).

I think people can over-rate Redmond thinking he'll be better than a solid 3rd pairing D, but this board actually doesn't seem too high on him relative to most places. No more so than you and I were/are on Kulda.

Originally Posted by Jet View Post
Fehr is most likely still in the equation (as much as y'all might scoff about that). He is in Winnipeg and will most certainly be invited to whatever camp we have.
I won't scoff. I think it is incredibly intelligent and likely scenario. I've always thought this year was an anomaly, just like his 29 point year.

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