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Originally Posted by Faidh ar Rud Eigin View Post
I'm not saying all those guys you mentioned will make the team (I personally don't think Getzlaf or Heatley make it) but you're making their skating sound a lot worse than it is. I've never heard someone crticize Eberle/Girouxs speed, and personally I don't know what you're talking about when you call Perry a poor skating an Benn a medicore skater. Benn's a great skater actually.

And I don't know why you keep calling Benn a longshot, he's actually a good bet to make the team, I'd be surprised if he doesn't.
I'm not critcizing Giroux or Eberle, actually. They're both OK/good skaters - not blazing fast, not poor - but good. It is what it is. Its not an issue for them as they'll most likely make the team anyway (Giroux definitely will, Eberle is a probable at this point). Perry is a poor skater; watch him next time the Ducks play. That's always been a criticism of him. He's great in the offensive zone, but lacks the footspeed to get back quickly on the backcheck. If he makes the team, which is obviously dependent on how he performs whenever the NHL gets around to playing again, he'll need to get some cover from his linemates from a defensive perspective.

Maybe I'm being a bit too hard on Benn by calling him a "long-shot", but I personally wouldn't be surprised if he didn't make the team. He wasn't all that great at the WHCs, which was a great opportunity for him to differentiate himself, but he'll be shortlisted and scouted by Hockey Canada so he's certainly a possibility at LW, but probably not at center. Right now, I have Tavares, E. Staal, M. Richards, and probably Hall ahead of him right now at LW. Nash can play either wing, and I have him ahead of Benn right now as well. We need Hall's speed, which is why I have him on my roster.

My original response to that particular poster (don't think it was actually your post) was to the fact that the poster had lined-up those 6 players on two lines, whereas on the international ice we'll need to somehow work-in some real speed (as in Stamkos, Toews, Hall, Seguin, Crosby, E. Staal) on each line. I just don't think those two lines would work well, more from a defensive standpoint than anything, due to the defensive awareness and overall speed of those 6 players.

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