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12-07-2003, 11:54 AM
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Originally Posted by shapa999
The only people who would flame me for this are irrational fools that try to recapture 1994 glory in their head and don't want to face the reality that Graves is old, slow, and can't score.
Or those who couldn't care less if he's "old, slow, and can't score" because they recognize that Adam Graves is a genuinely decent human being who deserves respect and kindness on his merits as a human being. (You lack that respect as you lack many, many other traits, pasha.)

The things he does for a community go SO far beyond his on-ice contributions that any comparison between the two is nonsensical. Those who wish Graves well do so not because they are trying to recreate the past. (If you'd taken the trouble to note their names you'd find that most of them don't even want Messier around.) They wish Adam Graves well because they admire him for what he's done with his LIFE, not on the ice.

If all you can see are his contributions as a hockey player, fair enough. Your tunnel vision is well-known and most of us take it as a matter of course, but please don't be fool enough to expect that people will do nothing while you take personal shots at a man who's contributed more to his community than you almost certainly will in your entire lifetime.

And don't try to pawn off their honest anger as mere fantasy about the past. It makes you look more the simpleton than you generally do.

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