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10-21-2012, 04:13 PM
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Originally Posted by kenjets36 View Post
I personally think there will be a deal done by Thursday, most likely Tue or Wed night.

Just my opinion. I've read multiple articles that state the gap between the two sides is no where near as big as it was the last lockout. To be honest, it looks like all but one aspect of this is the holding point.

Wouldn't be surprised if we ended up with a deal like 52-51.5-50.5-50-50-50. Think the players buckle a little on the contract length, maximizing it to like 6 years or so. Doesn't seem like Fehr really negotiated about the first year current contract situation last meeting, that seems to be the biggest problem now. I think the next time they talk, Fehr makes concessions on the HRR, lowering it from 54.5 or whatever he's been offering to closer to 52, while the NHL makes some concessions on helping the players with this 1st year.

Also, if y'all don't think Bettman is under a lot of fire to get this done this week think again. This is not a unified owners union right now. A lot of them want to get on with the season. Additionally, if another season is lost under Bettman he'll be gone within the next 3 years. Don't think the 2 sides meet tomorrow, but think that Bettman and Daly feel the heat by the end of tomorrow night, probably call some sort of emergency owners meeting, and offer more concessions to the NHLPA.
I agree with everything you said here...i still think even if the season is not lost, bettman is gone, the fans dont like him and i think they need a more likeable commissioner in there because that will help bring more fans in...bettman seems like a sniveling weasel and i think his time is over in the nhl and they need to move on. Let's get this deal done this week and then the next week owners can fire bettman and bring in someone new.

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