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10-21-2012, 03:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Beezeral View Post
Let me give you some friendly advice. Nobody likes the guy who complains about not getting awarded points. It's beer league hockey. Refs/league commissioners don't want to be dealing with guys constantly complaining about points. Just be happy they post stats online in the first place. I know it's your first time playing and it's a cool thrill to look online and see your stats, but don't get wrapped up in it. Just keep playing hard and the points will come.
This -- I used to like it when I first started playing hockey. Now one of my league's still does it, I never even look at the stats anymore. All I care about are the wins!

But to stay a bit on topic with frustrations, I hate people that are just completely reckless. On top of it, it's always the people that flip out whenever you touch them. I was playing a game in my men's league and I'm sure you're all aware that they're always high scoring. We were up 12-9 and with literally 3 seconds left, a guy on the other team tees up for a slap shot from his own end, while the rest of my team already turned to skate to the goalie because the game was already over. He has one of the hardest slapshots in the league and he can't keep them low either. It flew head high and fortunately didn't hit anybody. I gave him a slash for being a total moron and he flips out at me for slashing him because, get this, "WTF, the game was already over anyway!" Funny that the reason he was so angry was my slashing him right as the game ended and I slashed him because he took a completely unnecessary head high slapshot towards people looking the other direction... I just skated off the ice after the hand shake line and I guess he complained to the guy running the league and the guy who runs the league came to talk to me in the locker room. I explained why I did it and he laughed.

It's always funny because there are plenty of really nice guys on the ice and I'm one of them, but I'm one of the very few that has no problem giving it back to people. There are some people who think I'm a dirty player just because I always slash them back and harder. I'd really love to know what goes on in some people's heads that they can skate around acting like a jackass but can't be touched.

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