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10-21-2012, 04:00 PM
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Graf G5s or RBK 9ks?

Hi all -

I'd love some well-informed opinions about a critical decison (my next skates). I've skated on Graf 705's for the last 5 years but they are wearing out (a little earlier than I expected). I have Tuuk holders on them. I play 2-3 times a week. I have a buddy who is an equipment manager for a semi-pro team and has a pair of Graf 5Gs and a pair of RBK 9ks in my size. All they will cost me is a case of beer.

He lives out of state but will be in town in a couple days with them. The catch is I'll be able to try them on but will have to make a choice without skating in them. So since the price is right, I don't have much to risk picking a pair, but I'd certainly like to pick the right pair...

So I'd naturally lean toward Graf since my 705s fit so well. Famously with Grafs though, that took a good year to happen and I don't really want to break in another pair of skates with that much difficulty. I've heard a lot good things about the RBKs and the 9ks and G5 have similar fits, from what I've learned (I have wide feet). I'm a little leary of the RBK pump, namely that one will break at some point. While the pump may be an added bonus that shouldn't be a substitute for a good fit, that doesn't mean it won't suck having to skate with them after I'm used to using it. Also, I've heard that lace bit is a problem with them. I could swap tongues but I need to draw the line somewhere.

So assuming they both feel OK when I try them on, what do you all think? I'll likely throw my Tuuk runners on either pair, so that isn't really a factor (e.g. the pitch of Graf runners).


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