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10-21-2012, 04:32 PM
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My soccer team picked up their 4th consecutive league win today and my hockey team is currently in 6th place and is still alive in the NC (although I do play the I. Force this round). Perhaps it's time to change the thread title?


In soccer, I received an offer for Max Mark. The amount is a decent sum, but I don't think I'll be taking it. My depth at RM is not at a point to support losing that player. It doesn't hurt that he would be going to a team with lesser facilities than mine, affecting his future development for the NT.

I picked up a goaltender early this morning, on a one-and-done bid. I didn't have the player scouted, but he was the highest AQ player in his league. He ranks 12th in USA I.1 in AQ putting him at 85 or 86 AQ. Currently he's showing as a 85.2 EQ player.

I recently went through and updated my spreadsheet for the first team in a while. CD, G, and CM have a lot of prospects, with SM needing some youth. If anyone is looking for CD, G or CM, let me know. If anyone is looking to sell a SM prospect, I'm interested as well.


In hockey, I'm in a 4-5 team battle for 3 playoff spots. Making the playoffs would be a huge boast to my team and should solidify the finances for the near future. Two max TFMs are currently in the works, with two more planned for the beginning of next season.

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