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10-21-2012, 04:34 PM
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Originally Posted by JerseyGuy276 View Post
In my be a pro, Frazee is the starter for NJ...he's a 73 overall so its not that unrealistic...
Well that's because no matter what after Brodeur and Hedberg retire the AI does not go out to get a starting goalie. Happens every time.

Originally Posted by Diamondillium View Post
Ask for an ass ton of trades.
Oh I have, I get sent down for about 2 days then Im back up.

Originally Posted by SaNcAlandariel View Post
I'm playing for San Jose and I'm a 68 overall. Although I'm not starting because, well, I suck and we still have Niemi. I'm only 19 in game but hey I've got a long career to go. Just imagine that you're Olaf Kolzig playing for Team Germany, trying to win gold, and things will make sense. Maybe.
Also, playing as a stand-up goalie just feels "right" to me. I think the stand-up goalie is the only one to do kick (half-butterfly) saves, but I either could be imagining this or that all goalie types do this.
Aha but at least you're not starting, which could be somewhat realistic if the Sharks are that hard-pressed for a backup. It's just annoying because I wanted to be back in the minors to get a better overall before going to the NHL. Plus we missed the playoffs last season so I wanted to make up for that. And Im pretty sure I've made those kick saves before and Im a hybrid.

Originally Posted by 99 Problems View Post
This is obviously a bug in the goalie be a pro mode. In pre season they tell you that you are being sent down but they never actually send you down.
Yes, that's exactly what happened to me. It's actually very annoying for some reason.

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