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10-21-2012, 04:37 PM
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Why did we have Madieu on the double playing so shallow and to the outside? That is an easy read for any QB. Double that over the top.

Manning gave us gifts all day. We just gave gifts back. It sure seemed like they converted a ton of 3rd downs.

Shanahan played to win today, more than usual. Going for it on 4th a few times, I don't think he got burned by it.

I thought Kyle did meh today. He got away from Morris, maybe he was gassed. Ft. Niles Paul is failing. He is not a playmaker. Passing to him over Morris on 2nd and 1 on the 1. Then the option to Paul on 3rd was an easy stop.

We finally stunted today, and it resulted in a sack. Its mind boggling when we are getting zippy pressure, we dont even try until late in the 4th quarter. At least we finally tried it.

Hank sure seems like he prefers avoiding contact, he probably knows he will get injured.

III was awesome on the 4th down. Previous QB's would have forced that to Moss, who was 5 yds short of the 1st. and never would have made it.

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