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10-21-2012, 04:44 PM
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I lived in Longueuil a few different times, each time in a different neighborhood. Some are a lot better than others, so your experience and opinion of the city can change pretty drastically depending. It'll be pricier, but you'll wanna set up somewhere near the old part of town up until about Edouard Montpetit Cegep. I rented a 2 bedroom apt. 2 blocks away from the school for $700 that was great, but that was 5 or so years ago so I have no idea what price they are now. It was about 5 minutes to the metro, and also very close to the 132 that's your best way to Boucherville. If you can be IN the "Vieux Longueuil" that's even better, but will be trickier to get as nice apts there are coveted and kept. Same with the old Boucherville, along the water... also a very nice place. A friend of mine actually owns a duplex there and rents out the 2 two-bedrooms. so I could check his price and possible availability but again, apts there are coveted and kept usually... also may be a bit over budget. I think he's at $900 now or something. It's a bit more of a hassle for your gf to be in Boucherville though, if she's commuting via bus/metro. Will be less of a hassle for you to drive to Bouch than for her to commute out of it.

To buy a house in the future Longueuil can be pricey, but is still possible. Boucherville will be pricey as well. Chambly is a great town, though further of a commute, that's really been picking up in the last few years. Starting to rise in price now, but still worth it. It's where we bought this Summer actually. I absolutely love living here. Not super convenient for someone working in the city, and Boucherville is about 30 minutes out, with no traffic. You could also consider going further up the 132 past Boucherville into Varennes, another town that's on the rise and still worth buying into.

Overall you'll mostly need to get a feel for the place to figure out what you like and what's acceptable to you for the commute. Different towns here have very different vibes. There's something for everyone, but only you'll know what that is =) Let me know if you need anything else... I'm very familiar with everything south shore, and some Montreal too as I've lived there as well.

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