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10-21-2012, 05:14 PM
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Fitz played well enough to win. The fact that he had to be pretty much perfect to give us a chance speaks more to the failures of the defense than anything else.

And besides, let's say we punt there. Does anyone actually believe the result would have been different?

If I were to make list of people responsible for this game...nobody on the offense is high on the list.

But Wanny needs to go. His refusal to blitz is making life way too easy on offenses--they know exactly who is coming (the front 4) and from where. They can plan the protection, make sure everybody knows their assignments, and then boom...QB has plenty of time to find the open receiver. (And if you have 7 people in coverage...nobody should be open...but the coverage schemes suck too). But if you you free up double teams, maybe get the line confused over who is picking up who, etc...and you're gonna get into the backfield.

Wannstedt has no idea how to use the talent he has. It's the bye week...he needs to be fired now.

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