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Originally Posted by voyageur View Post
Houston? Big city, some foundation. Texans might enjoy hockey, but they love baseball, and they live football. Carving out that niche is possible, but the current Dallas slide has to be monitored as a litmus before embracing another Texas market. If Nashville ever gave up on hockey, I think Houston would be a sensible destination for relocation, but frankly I prefer the novelty of the Preds to the potential of Houston.

I think the financial woes of Anaheim, Dallas, Nashville, Florida, Columbus and the Isles need to be addressed seriously before the NHL could look any further.
Originally Posted by Shawa666 View Post
Then why did have the leage need to pay for the Stars' bills last season?
Dallas as a litmus test:
Turned a profit every single season until Hicks bought Liverpool.
Sold 98% of their tickets in their new arena until Hicks bought Liverpool.
Highly profitable until Hicks bought Liverpool.
Top 16 in revenue every single year until Hicks bought Liverpool.

Everything about Dallas was fine. Until Hicks bought Liverpool. Then the Stars and the Texas Rangers were financially crap. Both teams entered bankruptcy. The common thread was: Hicks bought Liverpool. He spread himself too thin and ran all three franchises on a shoestring, syphoning off dollars to pay his new soccer debt. He choose to lose the Rangers/Stars to keep Liverpool.

Also, Nashville, Columbus, and the Islanders all renegotiated their leases.

Originally Posted by knorthern knight View Post
Les Alexander is totally out of the picture as far as being an owner. I don't know if you're aware of the magnitude of the collapse of his net worth. Hulsizer can come up with more cash, fercryinoutloud . September 21, 2006, Forbes had Alexander pegged at $1.2 billion. Just over 5 years later, October 22, 2011, Les Alexander was worth $80 million, a drop of over 90%.

If Ratner buys the Islanders, they're viable at Barclays. Forget a new arena at the NVMC site. Hempstead, NY seems to be a bizarro anti-Glendale, totally obstructionist and unhelpful.
Alexander's lack of financial worth seems to me to be MORE of a reason for him to want an NHL team playing in his arena rather than an AHL team. With the same lease as the Aeros, there'd be twice the people in the building, giving him more arena-related revenue for 41 days than the AHL crowds of 7000 provide.

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