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12-07-2003, 12:19 PM
Evil Sather
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Okay, this won't make me many Leaf friends.

Until proven otherwise, Steen is just someone young kid in the SEL. I don't care if he's the 'youngest'. Maybe he had an off year (1 pts. in 10 games or whatever) and he's the next best great thing, but age doesn't neccessarily have anything to do with it. He might end up being great, but odds are, he won't.

Second, Antropov isn't worth very much. Look up the definition of injured, you see this guy. Remember some cat named Pavel Bure? No knees means you can't skate, and he's already halfway out the door before he's 27.

Matt Stajan plays a real nice game, but be honest, Leaf managemenet does not give two sh!ts about what posters at think. The ACC will sell tickets regardless of if you trade some 2nd year kid. If trading him can make them better, that's what they're gonna do. You might love him and all, but calling him 'unmovable' is absurd. Kovalchuk and Spezza he ain't. Mike York might be a better comparison and we all know what happened to him, right?

Finally, Cola has maybe a 25% chance of becoming a Hamrlik. Maybe. The best comparison to him is Kenny J and even that is probably a stretch. He's just. Not. That. Good. I've read all the scouting reports, seen a few games on the dish and had a few conversations with a Leaf fan about him. He might be great, but statistically it isn't likely at all. d

You are looking at NUMBER ONE defenseman. I'm not saying you don't have the chips to get one, but don't try to nickel and dime the other team and expect them to bite. It's getting ridiculous. Be friggin realistic already.

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