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Originally Posted by Gatorade View Post
If you really pay attention to what Fehr has said it is quite clear that his stance is that the players should not give up a nickle. Of course he has stated that they will but it is shroded in a mumbers war.

But read his proposals and the speech he made the other day referring to the backdrop of this whole thing.

Fehr is holding the last negotiation (04-05) and the rollback against the owners.

He has stated multiple times that the league is growing in revenues and therefore the players should not have to move an inch. In fact, Fehr would take a bigger percentage if he could.

This is a disaster. Donald Fehr is a negotiator. He probably never watched a game of hockey in his entire life. This is a legal beagle game of chicken for him. He has zero skin in the game. He is making millions off this so called negotiation and the longer this goes on he makes more and more. Anybody really believe Fehr is hanging around after this is all said and done? This is his retirement fight

I would not be shocked if we lose two seasons.
For the first time in a month I'm beginning to believe that the players are starting to understand where they are at. Fehr will not be their salvation.

I look for a new proposal, most likely midweek from the PA that leads to a negotiation with the NHL needing to kick in some goodwill. Look for a settlement by next weekend or I fear we'll be back to my original Jan start deadline.

If the players really need revenge for the past lockouts, perhaps a couple off years will be in order.

For the first time in awhile I'm a bit more bullish on an agreement.

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