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I know it's early but I've made a top 10 forwards and top 5 defensemen playing in Midget Major at the moment for us to discuss. Only '97 goalie is Landry so I couldn't make a top anything for goalies.

My Top 10 Forwards:
1. JM Leblanc- Saint John Vitos- Great offensive player but needs work on his defensive play. He finished the season in Major Midget last year so it’s no surprise he is above everyone else. He’s off to a great start this year with 2 goals and 6 assists.

2. Alexandre Jacob- Moncton Flyers- He is probably the best 97’ in NB but I can’t put him as #1 until I see him play against people bigger than him this year. Although, I doubt his size will matter. He’s listed as 5’5 and 130 pounds and he’s been plagued by injuries which might hurt him in the long run.

3. Ryan Tompkins- Fredericton Canadiens- I’ve only seen the Canadiens once this year when they lost 6-1 to Saint John. None of the Canadiens played well but I won’t base his ranking on that. He is a great skater with great hands and a nice shot. He plays with a lot of intensity which I like a lot. He is also off to a great start with 3 goals and 3 assists while being one of Fredericton’s better forwards.

4. William Bower- Saint John Vitos- He hasn’t stood out in the games that I’ve seen him play in but he’s off to a great start with 5 goals and 2 assists. He did play high school last year so he must have benefitted playing against bigger and stronger guys. Bower and Leblanc were better prepared this year since they both played against bigger and stronger guys than everyone else did in Bantam.

5. Francis Theriault- Miramichi Rivermen- Great offensive and defensive player. He has an amazing shot, great hands, and fast speed. He is always moving and plays really aggressive. Theriault’s off to a great start as well with 3 goals and 4 assists. He’s also on the top penalty kill pair that’s resulted in 3 shorthanded goals for Miramichi.

6. Kari Belec- Moncton Flyers- He plays a physical game and is strong on the puck. He can get the job done by scoring as well. He does have a bit of an attitude though since I’ve seen him retaliate when someone lands a clean hit on him. He’s getting a lot of playing time since Moncton only has three lines but with only 3 assists on Moncton high scoring team makes me want to see more on offense.

7. Patrick Daley- Fredericton Canadiens- He is one of the top 97’ playmakers and he has great vision. He also plays with a lot of intensity and is one of Frederiction’s top forwards with 2 goals and 3 assists.

8. Alex Beaulieu- Miramichi Rivermen- The most underrated 97’ player in midget major at the moment in my mind. He has amazing speed, a nice shot, and great vision. He’s played less time than all the other players ahead of him on my rankings but still has 2 goals and 1 assist. He’s on a line with two 98’s from what I’ve seen but I hear that Miramichi is losing Williston due to surgery so some playing time might come his way. He is sometimes lacking aggressiveness though.

9. Kyle Ward- Moncton Flyers- I’ve seen Moncton play a few times and I really like Ward. He may not be the biggest offensive threat but he has posted 2 goals and 2 assists. His defense was what impressed me when I saw him. He won a lot of faceoffs for his team and played really well in his own zone.

10. Riley Scott-Miramichi Rivermen- He tends to be more physical than the players mentioned above. He has a lot of intensity but decision making needs improvement. He tries to do everything a bit too much by himself in the offensive zone and I’ve seen him set up the other team’s goals a couple of times this year by passing the puck right to the middle of his zone on defense instead of down the boards. He has 1 assist as well.

My Top 5 Defensemen:
1. Luc Deschenes- Fredericton Canadiens- I’m sure no one can argue with me that he’s the top ’97 defensemen in Midget Major this year. He has 5 assists this year. I don’t need to discuss him further since he is the top by far.

2. Jacob Vance- Frederiction Canadiens- He has a hard shot and is a great puck mover. He isn’t an amazing skater but his strength and size make up for it. Played for Notre Dame last year which always helps. He has 1 goal and 1 assist so far.

3. Matthew Paul- Fredericton Canadiens- He is a great skater and good passer. Played for Notre Dame last year. He missed a few games this year and I’ve only seen his play when Saint John blew Fredericton out 6-1. He has 1 goal and 2 assists.

4. Philippe Myers- Moncton Flyers- He’s big, strong, and has a decent shot. He isn’t in the same class as the top 3 but he gets my #4 spot since he’s produced 5 assists. He played high school last year so he’s used to bigger and stronger guys unlike some guys not mentioned in my top 5.

5. Tyler Gunn- Saint John Vitos- None of the other ’97 defensemen had impressed me so far from the games that I’ve seen. I will throw in Gunn’s name since he’s produced 1 goal and 3 assists while doing it as a undersized defenceman at 5’9 and 139 pounds.

Other players playing Midget Major at forward: Woulds (Miramichi), Alward (Moncton), Pelrlerin (Fredericton), Billings (Fredericton), and Cameron (Fredericton).
Other Defensemen: Robichaud (Miramichi), Hachey (Fredericton), Comeau (Fredericton), McInnis (Saint John)

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