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AAA 2012 Draft

The 2012 AAA Draft

the draft begins Friday at noon eastern
1206 picks were made in the ATD 2012 and MLD 2012 and yet there are some all-time greats who were overlooked and others arguably as good as those drafted earlier even if just in a depth or supporting role on an all-time great bottom-6 line, third pairing blueline, backup goalie or assistant coach; others are near all-time greats of marginal worth honoring in talk of all-time greats in hockey history; others are question marks, 'what if' wonders one could reason might have been as good as the best of their era if only they weren't held back from the top stage for some reason or another. These are all the sorts of candidates that are worthy of drafting to inform future considerations in the ATD and MLD, the top-1000 or so in hockey history.

We will draft a full 25-man roster. You must draft 2 goalies, 6 defensemen, 12 forwards and a coach, with 4 additional picks to be used for whatever position(s) you want.

Trading of picks is allowed. Must trade an equal number of assets.

There is a 4-hour clock. Draft order will be released Friday morning, randomized by an unbiased outsider.

Suggestion: POST A REASON OR STATISTIC OR DESCRIPTION WITH YOUR PICK to aid discussion and let us know a bit about the pick, as many may not be household names, especially from other eras.

Any player from any league or era are eligible as long as they were not drafted or add/dropped in the ATD 2012 or MLD 2012.

Player selection should be based on what they have done (the 'next best' draft, so to speak, the greatest all-time careers not honored by being picked in the main ATD 2012 draft), and not what they will do in the future, though it's understood that there is a bit of projection with players whose careers were cut short by injury.

At the end of the draft there will be a 48-hour period to trade or add/drop players, at which point a team could trade or else: pick up an undrafted UFA and simply discard a draft pick.

All teams make the playoffs. Don't hurt your squad's chances by neglecting any eras or sources of players, or focusing too heavily on just one.

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