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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
Do you seriously think he'd have every d-man pincing in the corners and knowingly leaving the crease open? You think that's his strategy?

And all 6 d-man doing it ALL THE TIME....that's way too bold of a statement. But if he did happen you consider the fact that 4 out of 6 are pure rookies. So that even the vets Nash and St-Denis are at least paired with 1 rookie so that when St-Denis moves behind the net.....maybe the rookie go to? But if Nash and St-Denis went behind the net while a guy was there....well that would be a mistake so even vets are allowed to make it. But I doubt it happened often. And even if it did, well we are talking about Nash here. A guy who still has his limitations and missed a whole lot of playing time so has to be somewhat rusty. So the only guy you could use to see if that's really a strategy is St-Denis who is a competent #7 NHL'er. So if he DID it often leaving the crease entirely unprotected...well then you might have a case. But I doubt you will.
One of the hardest plays in hockey is when a Dman is covering the crease and see his partner lose the battle in the corner. The opposing player now has a clear path from the corner to the net, and 99 out of 100 amateur players will panic and go for him. The correct play for the D man is to stay in the slot, taking the pass option away, and tell your goalie to cover the short side rusher. You must keep the short side rusher toward the back boards, with a bad angle shot. The goalie becomes your second D at that point. It's a bad situation, but it's a hell of lot better than going for the rusher and him killing you with a pass to the guy you just left alone in front.

Try it, for a D man, it's really tough to stay in the crease with a guy barreling out of the corner completely free. Goes against every instinct.

All D men who have reached the AHL should know this. If they aren't doing it, it's probably due to panic at the speed and strength of play, and frequent lost corner battles.

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