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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
1+2) Tomas Plekanec has averaged 17 minutes or so per game, but he has done so as a shutdown center. His corsi rating was +0.727. Eller was at +0.429, Desharnais was at +0.007, and Gomez had -0.820. Plekanec played the toughest minutes on the team of all the centers. He also had an offensive zone percentage of only 43%, compared to 48% for Eller, 52% for Desharnais, and 64% for Gomez (lol).

Also, between 2 and 3 of those 17 minutes are on the PK.

3) Jonathan Chechoo was a 1-season wonder who got derailed by injuries. Let's not say Thornton made him a rocket richard winner, if that was true the rocket richard winner would be on Thornton's wing every year.

4) AK46 is a 20 goal scorer and Cammalleri is a 25 goal scorer. They're not "elite-level", they're 2nd line on most teams in the NHL. AK46 is actually even less than that as no team wanted to sign him for more than peanuts.

Nobody could produce with Bourque this past season. Did you not watch the games? I saw Bourque fan on beautiful passes nearly everytime I watched him play. He's washed-up. He's lost his finishing ability.

Plekanec, however, has produced with Gionta.
You are thoroughly spanking this guy......

I would like to add however, that the main reason that Cheechoo had the one huge season is it was the season in which all of the new interference rules were implemented and Thornton was able to exploit all of the new passing lanes that were available. Teams have since adjusted to the new system and this is the reason that there were so many career years that season as Gomez and Gionta also took full advantage.

Also, as much as I hated the way Bourque played last season it would be very premature to say that he is washed up. He still has the physical tools but it has been suggested in the past that he deals with depression issues......I am not so sure that Montreal is the place for him.

Anyhow....go back to thrashing HabsPassion's arguements. It is like watching a one legged man in an *** kicking contest

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