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10-22-2012, 03:59 AM
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Originally Posted by howeaboutthat View Post
I think declining to host the Olympic pre-qualifiers is one of the few smart things IHUK have managed to do of late.

Unlike countries who host IIHF events, those who host Olympic events are not provided with any funding from central sources, which means IHUK would have had to fund the entire cost of hosting the pre-qualifiers from their own meagre funds. This includes all the costs associated with securing venues as well as all the costs incurred by the nations being hosted whilst in the UK, such as hotels, transport, food and other incidental expenses.

Of course the other issue is that, had the UK hosted this event, it is likely they'd have used the better venues available which would have meant Odyssey Arena, National Ice Centre and perhaps Braehead Arena. I can only imagine what the meltdown on THF would be like from such an 'EIHL arena bias', rather than using some dinky rinks where the presence of ice in all parts of the pad is never guaranteed.
I disagree. Financially it's probably the right decision but for the good of the sport it isn't, and it is short-term approaches like this from IHUK which has caused us to remain stagnant.

I reckon there would have been a pretty good turnout since we rarely get to see GB actually play at home. Especially during the hype of the Olympic year, with the right marketing this could have been a great success, and the sport would have picked up new fans and possibly some form of financial backing from sponsors or the government.

as for the last thing you said, I've got to have another rant about planet ice. During my game yesterday in Basingstoke we had to stop the first period early because the ice was so low in one part it had reached the concrete underneath. So what do the genius rink staff do? That's right, they did a resurface because of the dip in the ice on the bench side all the water just runs down to the boards, so it did no good whatsoever. They charge us astronomical prices for ice time and they can't even keep the ice in a playable condition.

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