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10-22-2012, 08:11 AM
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Originally Posted by GrigsAndGirgs View Post
Same old Bills...

Wannstedt has to go. Fitz made the one big mistake (INT)...but the defense needs to make stops sometime...right?
Ralph, Nix, Chan and the defense can all go with him.

The people blaming Fitz here and on Facebook/WGR, etc for yesterday's loss are just embarassing. If you take this game as the "blueprint" that was yacked about all off season with a good D you would take Fitz's stat line EVERY WEEK. But the thing is....the D is AWFUL. So what was projected doesn't matter. The fumble on Fitz wasn't his fault, somebody totally missed their assignment, never saw the guy coming. The INT was terrible but the defender made the play, unlike you GEORGIA WILSON. As you said, does anybody think the D would have stopped them anyway?? ABSOLUTELY NOT!!!! They had 2 stops all day and one of them was just a terrible throw by Hasslebeck missing a wide open WR. The Titans don't impress me nearly as much as the Bills frustrate me. This game came down to making plays, Tennessee made them, Buffalo didn't. Tennessee got their stop/turnover. The Bills were close, but had it slip out of their finger tips. I'm not saying Tennessee is a winning team(cause they're not, but the Bills showed they're not as well)

This D looks WORSE THAN last year. They should have hired a bum off the street instead of Mario Williams, probably could have tried harder. Enough of this injury BS, he sure looked fine in Arizona. He may be getting double teamed but if so that pressure should leave a guy wide open to rush, yet doesn't happen. I always thought the guy was overrated. He shows up to 5-6 games a year against weak competition and makes a livng, always battles the injury bug. Mark Anderson is similar.

As for the season it's over in contending terms of any kind. That, may not be a bad thing. I would like to see all the coaching and front office go. Enough of Ralphie and his chronie senior citizen chummy buddies. It's time to blow this all up, nobody outside of Spiller is secured a job IMO. The rest are just about expendable, even you "Super Mario" Though, good luck getting anybody to be willing to take said contract. These last 12 years have been frustrating, unfortunatly the team despite being terrible is "never bad enough" they always end up at mediocrity. It's hard to rebuild with that. Spiller may be the only pick they seriously have gotten right the last 12 years, how do you WHIFF AND MISS on so many around Top 10 picks?

Good article by Paul Hamilton:

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