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Originally Posted by True Blue View Post
You are absolutely right. Fehr cares about who he is representing, not what they represent. And frankly, he is exactly what the NHLPA needed. Bettman and the owners have bent the union over for years. And lots of that was for lack of union leadership. Well, now the NHLPA has brought in a hired gun. And believe me, he is THE LAST person that the owners want to see. Or had wanted to see. And then there were some, like Jacobs, who mistook him for Goodenow.

The players do not care of Fehr is a hockey fan. They want to know that he is not going to backstab them like Goodenow did. They want to know that he will keep them informed, unlike Goodenow. And they want to know that they have someone at the table, that is going to get them teh best possible. Just like the owners. For years, the NHLPA brought a knife to a gun fight. Fehr represents a 50 caliber.
Yep. This is why I predict a two year shutdown. This isn't about hockey. This is about ego and principle. I am convinced Fehr is very good at his job but I also know the NHL will break him. That will take some time.

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