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10-22-2012, 09:06 AM
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I'm beginning to believe Bilcke chirped people on here in person and now they're bitter.

Jackman - do you watch games or are you guessing? Seriously. I'm curious.

Bilke needs to bring more intangibles to the team other than fighting.
In Brampton, he was a couple inches from scoring his first of the year. Right in front of me, had a clear shot, and just missed.

I am not criticizing Boughner I just don't see much of a role for Bilcke. We have seen Bilcke for over a year now I think we know what he brings to the table and it's not very much.

Come to the games, listen to the crowd after a Bilcke hit, THEN tell me he doesn't bring anything. Oh, and "I can hear the crowd on TV and it's not much" isn't the same, trust me.

Bilike, Bowen and a lesser extent Clarke are there for a play a game of memory put your tough guy we put ours and they both are off the ice so our stars can foucs on the game rather than wondering if theyre heads are still on theyre shoulders
(it's Clark, not Clarke LOL)

This is very true, though. Does anyone remember when Janssen was dealt? Chanse Fitzpatrick had a field day with our entire roster. Why? You grow a bit bigger and a bit more fearless when you have someone to protect you. Having Bilcke, Bowen, etc on the bench, regardless of whether they play five minutes or 15 min, is a major confidence boost. Bilcke and the other scrappers sit on the bench a lot more than others, but could be called on in an instant to defend someone. That's invaluable and it's scary how people don't realize this. Value to a team is not just goals and assists, contrary to what people believe.

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