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10-22-2012, 10:34 AM
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Originally Posted by RayzorIsDull View Post
So what you're finally saying is Bilcke is the type of guy who can't put up many points. So the Spits have a team that can't score many goals and have 2 guys on the team that can't put up points in Bilcke and Clark, add in young guys like Studnicka and Verbeek who can't be counted upon to contribute you have 4 forwards right there that can't bring much to the table. Spits could afford to have guys like Greenop and Wallace around because the team scored a lot goals and they can leave those two to clean up the scraps. Do you finally see the issue when you don't have the goal scoring and employ 2 tough guys that can't do anything but fight?
Please show me where I've said Bilcke will score "many" points. I've said he has the ability to put up SOME points, and isn't just a one-dimensional goon, as some really want to believe on here. Bilcke has shown an ability to play some offensive game. Just ask Campbell and, to a lesser extent, the Brampton goalie on Friday. Instead of getting rid of the intimidation, send a guy like Studnicka down as he hasn't shown enough in any area to this point. BTW, Clark had 12 goals last year. I'm quite surprised he hasn't put up the same points as he did with the Gens.

Rayzor, as long as people keep thinking Bilcke is useless on a team like this, I'm going to keep defending the kid. Simple as that. If people don't want the topic brought up, you're free to stop discussing it.

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