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Originally Posted by SCritical View Post
I'm not a fan of the gender of players influencing penalty calls, even if they do benefit me.

Saw a guy on another team in my league get 2 min for interferance because he clipped a girl on the other team skating past her and she fell - not hard either, I think she just lost her balance. You know, the sort of thing that happens ALL THE FREAKING TIME in a hockey game. He looked very confused as he skated to the box, no doubt because this little brat is one of the most infamous crosscheckers in our league but never gets called for those shenanigans
not beer league, but when I was playing 14u hockey, we scrimmaged an 18u womens team who needed a good team to play against as they were about to head to nationals. The game also had to be played by their rules (no checking).

Despite the age difference, we are clearly the better team and were up something like 6-0 going into the 3rd, and they started playing really dirty, hacking at wrists and ankles, hooking guys as they skated past. All that chippy annoying crap that is obvious and obnoxious, but not really dangerous/cheap. None of it was getting called. It seemed like the ref just didnt want these girls to get embarrassed anymore by a bunch of boys who weren't even old enough to have a learners permit, while they were all seniors in HS.

Eventually one of our guys gets frustrated and puts a solid shoulder into a girl who is skating with the puck. It wasn't a vicious hit, but it was enough to knock her off balance and have her collide with the boards (she didn't fall). Their coach immediately starts freaking out saying we are trying to injure her players and pulls the team off the ice. She spent about 20 minutes yelling at our coach in the hallway about how immature our team was. After she was done yelling, my coach calmly told her that it wasnt my team out there who started the chippiness. Next time you want your girls to be treated with respect on the ice, maybe you should show some and take your butt whipping like the adults you all are.

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