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Originally Posted by cmdevisser View Post
As regards Nash and Krieder--I have personally never understood why people place so much importance on prospects having superstars to learn from as, generally speaking, most professional sports franchises have at least one truly elite player on their rosters at all times but this rarely translates to young players appropriating their skill sets.

And, to be quite honest, I'm not really sure how Nash's game really applies to Chris Krieder's. This may be my own ignorance of Nash's career to date, but they seem like totally different players to me.

Coaching--that's what generally tends to be critical in the development of young talent across all the major professional sports. Torts does seem to have a way to maximize talent for young players so that is something to be excited about.
In 8 years, would you rather have Kreider act like Nash, or act like Avery?

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