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Originally Posted by Thesensation19 View Post
Your right, I left JT off because I forgot him lol. I think he makes the roster and I would love to see him and Crosby play with one another.

Your Phanuef to Weber argument is valid but your thinking as though Weber will be playing the entire game and wont need a rest. Weber brings everything Phanuef brings and more, but why not have a 2nd big man on your final 6-7 roster. Another big defensive minded player with a hard shot and hard hitting on the final pairing. Limited time, put him out there in the middle of periods so other guys can rest.

The same argument can be made for why is everyone wanting keith? Letang, AP and Doughty all do the same thing keith does lol. So why have another offensive d-man out there.

I see the dmen as follows

Weber- Doughty
Letang- Seabrook
AP- (X)

Those 5 guys are pretty much a lock come 2014. I think I rather have Dion Phanuef take that last spot. He was the 8th d-man for 2010. Yzerman has praised his play many times before but on a 2010 roster with Niedermeyer and Pronger, Dion had pretty much little chance. He has played for Canada on international size rinks many times before. In 2007 he won the gold, having 8 points in 7 matches.

If hes not the top 6, I think he makes the top 7 to go to Socchi.

And for those who are still bangin their head on my decision to have Heatly. Canada has always been about their dominance of size. They love having power forwards, and i know this is international size rink but lets not act like these players have never played on this size before. You act as though speed is the only importance. Imagine Heatly with more room to use his big body! I am not saying hes a lock but I am saying hell get a huge look at yzerman and babcock. On WC ice in 2009 he put up 10 points, 6 goals in 9 games. In the olympics for Canada he put up 7 points 4 goals for Canada.

Simply replacing Giroux, Stamkos, Taveras for Morrow, Iginla, Marlaue... and then replacing maybe Joe Thornton for Jordan Staal or Eberle or who have you. That in itself will be a huge speed change for Team Canada. But when you get rid of those 4 guys, you also hurt your size and physicality.

I think RNH will get a huge look come 2014 but i dont believe he will make the roster. There are far more experienced players.

I understand replace the size from 2010 for speed, but you cant ignore size either. The simple intimidation Canada brings with their players is a plus.
There's simply no evidence that Phaneuf was seriously considered for the 2010 team by Yzerman / Hockey Canada. We'll need to agree to disagree on him; for now, he's on my "C" team.

As far as Heatley goes, he worked for us in the past, but you're under-estimating how far he's regressed as a player in the past few years. This may be an exaggeration, but he's a shell of his former self, a 60-point player with very limited mobility who's not going to get any better. He's not Olympic caliber any more, and his scoring role will get picked up by younger, more dynamic players like Stamkos and Giroux. Nothing against Heater, who's always done well by us, but his time is up.

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