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10-22-2012, 12:44 PM
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The owners aren't panicking or cracking.

whoever believes as such also believes that the owners are making a "fortune" in the NHL.

If the numbers bandied around are anyway close to accurate the majority of owners will simply opt to wait the players out. It's not their first option but a league with costs that are out of control isn't a functioning league. Not playing under this CBA is a preferable option to many. Yes these owners recognize that another lost season is detrimental to the league and their franchises but It's the route that currently is preferential.

I know It's hard to believe but many lesser players need their pay. The owners have other sources of income. Many own their franchises to stroke their ego (one of the cost containment problem) and therefore they will choose to wait.

My guess ... the pA decides to counter using the NHL assumptions and the league will come up a bit for 2012-13.

I would ultimately expect a 52-50-50--50-50-50 rev share.

It's truly the players move unless I underestimate the profitability of the NHL.

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