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10-22-2012, 01:10 PM
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Originally Posted by TheJoeMan View Post
Can someone explain something for me? I'm totally at a loss as to how players will actually make less money on their contracts once they go to 50-50. I understand that the cap will go down but if there's not a rollback in salaries why are players giving money back? It's not like every team has spent to the cap, most haven't. Wouldn't most team be under the new cap anyway? Maybe I'm just completely lost and aren't paying close enough attention so can someone please explain it to me?
think of the players share as a pie.

every player gets a piece cut out for him when they get a contract.

if the the revenue stays exactly the same,
and the percentage drops from 57% to 50%,
new contracts given out to players will have less pie to work with and cause a drop in player salaries.

it is entirely possible for the hrr % to drop and still have the players make more money than they are now...if the league grows.

the reverse is also possible.

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