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10-22-2012, 01:18 PM
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ESPN league, I won 71-64 on a non-PPR format. The line is hilarious.

Basically, I was down 64-53 after the 1pm games, my opponent had a nice day from the Schaub-Daniels combo, Kyle Rudolph was shut out for me, and Vincent Jackson was single handedly keeping me in it. I had Brady, Wallace, and the Steelers D left, he had MJD only. MJD went down and I managed to win it.

The funny thing about this was, due to injuries and byes, we had 2 RBs each starting: He had MJD and LaGarrette Blount (left Pierre Thomas on the bench, thankfully), and I had DeAngelo Williams (2 carries), and Phillip Tanner. 3 points from Tanner were the only RB points scored in our matchup.

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