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Originally Posted by Jarick View Post
My experience is goalies tend to be some of the best players on the team. They are usually strongest on their skates because obviously they play 60 minutes and have to go up and down and crouch and post to post and what not. They also tend to be pretty damn strong in general.

To the OP, can you rent or borrow pads? I know there are some local programs that do that. Or get some cheaper used pads. I know nothing about fitting them, but that's what friends who play goal have done.
I'm definitely open to the idea of renting pads (don't know anyone to borrow from though). Not sure where to go to do that though, perhaps I'll look talk to someone at the local rink, see if they can help me out on that.

So yeah, looks like within the next week or so, I'll grab myself a pair of skates and start learning the basics, then see if there's any classes available for that (which may be a challenge, since i only have weekends available due to being in university).

Also, much thanks ganave for the detailed equipment list, looks like I'll have to start cutting back on spending for a while to afford all that, since I definitely don't want to be cheaping out on my safety.

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