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10-22-2012, 01:26 PM
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Originally Posted by BrimFullofAsham45 View Post
Not to get too off topic but...

Carter caught slack because he didn't put enough effort on the ice, combined with the fact that he was a "party animal".

Say what you will about Kane, but he's scored about the same amount of pts. as Carter in about 150 less regular season games, and is PPG in the playoffs, whereas Carter is ~.5 PPG.

When the heat was on, Carter was shooting pucks in the goalie's chest with wide open nets, and Kane was scoring SC winning goals.
Right, that goal doesn't go in on any of the other 29 starting goalies in the NHL. That has to be the weakest Cup winning OT goal in SC history.

Carter was so lazy he was racking up 35 goals a year while also being strong defensively, AND playing through serious injuries; apparently that's something lazy players do all the time, I guess. Just because he was an efficient skater and didn't look like he was grunting around the ice nonstop doesn't mean he was lazy.

Even Chicago fans are tired of Kane and his antics, despite his point totals and Game 6 goal. The Philly media and fanbase would have descended on him like vultures. Briere is a playoff monster for point production, that doesn't stop us from lambasting him.

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