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Originally Posted by BrimFullofAsham45 View Post
Carter didn't have that extra gear you need to push your team to the next level (his success on LA is more of a coincidence). That's why he was traded, in spite of his 30 and 40 goal seasons.

And seriously, Briere? Who lambasts Briere, HF nerds? Carters the one who got chased out of town, not Briere.

Kane would be revered in Philly, because Philly respects players with gusto, not softy bleach haired beach bums like Carter.
Briere has gotten a LOT of crap over the years, and not just from Flyers fans on HF.

As for Carter, he wasn't missing a gear. He was just very unlucky with injuries for several years running. A lot of us said that we should wait to see what he can do in the playoffs healthy; well, he just had the healthiest playoffs we've seen from him during his peak and the results were pretty good. Being injured =/= being lazy.

As for the "gusto" thing, you know that Kane is more of a frat guy than Carter, right? Seriously, I have a LOT of trouble believing a Philly fanbase would accept Kane when they barely accepted/rejected Richards, for instance. Kane has more off-ice drama/antics than Richards and Carter combined. He wouldn't have made it here. He's just not a Philly athlete.

Edit: Basically, I don't think there was any way we could have won the 07 draft in the long run. If we get Kane, fanbase turns on him. We got JVR, and he just piddled around inconsistently.

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