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10-22-2012, 01:50 PM
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Originally Posted by McSorleyStick View Post
I've never turned it on
Turn it on then off?

Originally Posted by What the Faulk View Post
Anyone else havea problem with SwiftKey3 where it will sometimes jump around while typing? I browse HF on my phone a lot so when I respond to something it will sometimes replace a word at the top of a paragraph that I've already typed. Its made like 10 "corrections" in this post alone. VERY annoying. I love it otherwise.

Using the trial version on a GS3, but that shouldn't make a difference. Its fully updated too.
It always has been like that, it's because of how HF (and vBulletin) uses a custom text box for form submitting.

It's something I hope they fix in the future.
It used to be a bug when on Google as well (because of the pre-rendered results) but if I'm not mistaken that's fixed.

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