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10-22-2012, 01:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Utterly Disgusting View Post
With that over 5 year contract rule, we won't be trading Parise or Suter because once they retire, we're screwed.
We won't be trading them anyway, but the rule is unlikely to have quite as huge an effect as people think. Suter's deal runs until he's 40, which for his style of play isn't exactly unreasonable. I would be surprised if he retired with more than 2 years left, and wouldn't be surprised at all if he played out the whole thing.

Parise's contract is a little more concerning as he's more likely to retire earlier. But even then, I can't see him retiring with more than 3 years left as he'd lose out on $6MM in salary if quit a year earlier.

Now the biggest reason for a lack of concern is that there's not necessarily reason to assume that clause is going to stay in the CBA. Sure the league is pushing for it right now, but it doesn't have any teeth because the only contracts it could possibly affect over the term of the CBA are Chara (not even a cheat contract, it's back loaded) and Pronger (which is a 35+ contract and already played under these rules). Aside from those two contracts, there aren't any deals that will expire under a 6 year CBA. In fact, a few of the deals (Parise, Suter, Weber, Kovalchuk, possibly Crosby) wouldn't even expire under the CBA after that if it's also 5-6 years in length.

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