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Originally Posted by OilerNut View Post
Why do ringers insist on playing in lower divisions?

This one guy has 20 goals, the next closest to him has 5. I know they want to play with their friends and stuff, but how is it fun for them when they are so dominant?
how fun is it? My guess is it's very fun for them!

That is probably my biggest pet peeve.

You should be able to "vote out" players who are too good, based on multiple team complaints and the discretion of the league. If I was in charge that would be the first thing I'd do, and make sure that the lesser players in the lesser divisions only have to play against players of comparable talent and not B/C level players.

the worst is on my own team, we have a guy who could play B but I assume he's here so he can be the star of the team. But he spends the whole time on the bench telling the other people on the bench how much the people currently on the ice suck. If you want better teammates, go play where you belong!

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