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Originally Posted by do0glas View Post
Cool story, bro.

FYI I do have fun. The response to my first post made it seem like i was in there chasing the score keeper shouting. Jesus, it was a beer league frustration thread and I was frustrated so I posted. Ill let you guys know the verdict. If you want to assume my whole team doesn't care about points and I'm running around moaning about a missed assist I can't help you. But it took me all of thirty seconds to write a quick email, if the director is annoyed by it, he can tell me to **** off. Otherwise I will follow those same procedures every time.

I play my heart off out there and half the time I'm the only winger covering on D, so stop assuming things when you know about 5% of what happened lol
I think the point (no pun intended originally, but now pun intended) is to not worry about the assists and putting energy into making sure each one is tallied. It also seems like (also based on previous posts I have read) that you are really intent on proving yourself to your new team and making sure every point is counted helps you feel like you contributed. Contributions to teams and wins come in many ways other than point totals.

Originally Posted by Frank the Tank View Post
In a weekly pick-up game I am always lined up as a winger against a defender who uses his stick like an axe. I am a stronger player than him and, as a result, I win the majority of our one-on-one encounters both along the boards and in open ice. What bothers me is that every time I win one of these battles he indiscriminately hacks at the puck as I pull away in a last ditch effort to disrupt my progress. Maybe 10% he hits my stick or the puck and he is effective, whereas the large majority of these hard slashes fall on my leg, hip, arm. This week was particularly bad as I had 6 large bruises and/or bleeding cuts after our last game (despite wearing equipment).

After biting my lip for a few weeks and saying nothing, I showed my opponent the result of his stick work this past week and asked politely that he be more considerate with his stick. In particular, I pointed out that I have no problem battling with him, and that my concern lies in his wild slashes as I am pulling away because he has little control over his stick in that situation. He responded that he was taught to battle until the last moment and he can't change the way he plays because then he will be ineffective during the game. He said that he doesn't expect me to take it easy on him when we are battling. I was at a loss of how to respond.

Any one had a similar experience(s) and can offer advice on how to approach this situation in the future? Hacking him back is not the solution as I know he will just escalate his behavior.
I think at that point I would let him know if he doesn't stop doing it, he is going to get hit because that is how you were taught. After he gets hit once or twice, maybe he would be more willing to alter the way he plays the game.

Originally Posted by OpenIceHit42 View Post
Was score keeping a lower level game last night and the game was pretty lopsided, white team scores to go up 8-0 so one of the officials comes over to give me the details of the goal/assist and the white teams captain skates over to the box to make sure the ref gave him the SECOND assist on the goal.


That being said, the same captain keys the stats for his team and he's the ONLY guy on his team with SOG an +/-
Maybe this is the same guy emailing his league about assists being missed?

My new frustration is the teams that will be the first to dish out it out (the rough stuff, start the chippy play, chirping, etc.) also seem to be the teams that whine the most when an opponent comes within 5 feet of them and absolutely loose their **** when a hit, slash, shove etc. is returned their way. Goes back to the poster that mentioned he has no problem returning the favor if the other team starts the nonsense up. It amazes me how many people can dish it out but go bonkers when it is served right back up to them.

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