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10-22-2012, 02:25 PM
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NHL Elimination Game

Saw this on another board and figured it would be fun considering there is no hockey right now

We did this before with Bruins players, but in case you forgot, you vote up one team and vote down another (each vote is worth one point)

Bold whatever your choices are that way we can easily see

Anaheim Ducks 5
Buffalo Sabres 5
Calgary Flames 5
Carolina Hurricanes 5
Chicago Blackhawks 5
Colorado Avalanche 5
Columbus Blue Jackets 5
Dallas Stars 5
Detroit Red Wings 5
Edmonton Oilers 5
Florida Panthers 5
Los Angeles Kings 5
Minnesota Wild 5
Montreal Canadiens 5
Nashville Predators 5
New Jersey Devils 5
New York Islanders 5
New York Rangers 5
Ottawa Senators 5
Philadelphia Flyers 5
Phoenix Coyotes 5
Pittsburgh Penguins 5
San Jose Sharks 5
St Louis Blues 5
Tampa Bay Lightning 5
Toronto Maple Leafs 5
Vancouver Canucks 5
Washington Capitals 5
Winnipeg Jets 5

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