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10-22-2012, 02:26 PM
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Originally Posted by IrishPaulie View Post
This proposal is awful. Gardiner is a real solid rookie/prospect but Carolina has the future PMD position covered between Murphy and Faulk. Ashton also doesn't even begin to make up what the Canes lose in Skinner.

Easy no from Carolina.
It's not a trade that really makes sense for either side. The LEafs I'm sure would love to have Skinner playing for them (I'd love to see it) and I'm sure the Hurricanes wouldn't say no to have Gardiner either.

However Carolina doesn't need to add dman, they have a huge amount of talented PMD's. Gardiner doesn't make them think about moving Skinner. ANd the Leafs don't exactly need Skinner either. Scoring isn't a huge issue, and we'd be better off getting a center that has some more size and specifically plays a more playmaking game than Skinner does.

It's not the best trade for team needs on either side. Value is off for Carolina too, as much as I'm a Leafs fan and Gardiner is awesome. It's not the worst I've seen but it's not even.

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