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Originally Posted by RandV View Post
I gotta disagree here. I mean if you've been playing 20 or 30 years then fine, but when you're new to the game (which many people on here are) then it's very fun to keep track of for, if only for the novelty factor, when you're first starting up, and after the rookie label wears off it's a good way to mark your progress over the next few years.

But turning the argument back around on you... this is freakin beer league, who really cares about W-L anyways? All it really counts for is playoff seeding at the end of the year, and most leagues have every team make the playoffs anyways. Plus except for the small number of teams at the top or at the bottom a positive or negative W-L can be a simple matter of shifting your team up or down a division or two.

I mean really, we're paying those expensive league fee's because I assume we all find the game fun to play, not to be a 'winner'. It's a little more fun when you win but at the end of the day none of it really matters.
slightly disagree. everyone wants to win. its the people who make winning in beer league a life or death situation that need a reality check. I go out to have fun with some friends and as soon as the clock hits 00, im already thinking about how many beers im going to have in the locker room

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