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Originally Posted by Ozz View Post
Giving them to the closest people to the puck is better than giving them to people who are on the bench We've had our goalie score goals, even people who weren't even at the game. I think they've started to care a lot more lately, but it used to be so bad we were more interested in seeing how badly the stats would get messed up than to see if they were correct.
Yeah, our stats showed a GAA and save percentage for a person that was BETTER than the stats for our actual goalie, and even worse - the person with the stats was on THE OTHER TEAM! And, she's never played goalie in her life.

I do agree that as a n00b, it's fun to keep track of stats just so you can see your progress. I had no goals or assists in my first season. Second season, I had 1 goal and 2 assists. This is now my third season and between the 3 teams I've played with, I've got 1 goal and 5 assists. I don't really care if the points are kept anywhere "officially" but just knowing that I'm getting better and contributing more to my team is enough for me. I wouldn't ever go up and tell the scorekeeper, but when the team is discussing it in the locker room afterwards, we try to make sure everything is accurate for our own team records.

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