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10-22-2012, 03:47 PM
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Originally Posted by ganave View Post
Thanks Hank, didn't realize the NME5 was junk.

I did have to fiddle with the 7K to keep it from popping loose -- I basically found that if I slide the mask up a buckle would pop off later on. Solution is to not slide the mask up. Next mask I'll spend two to three times. The 7K is adequate enough for intro/D, but I wouldn't trust it past that.

Yeah the XR4 is getting replaced, it came in a package deal of used gear. It works alright, but it is light on the padding. I'm saving up for one of Sara's.

I love learning the position, but there is a ton of work involved. Starting at 17 should make it much easier than starting at 29 though! Skating is really key though. You can't get too much icetime.
if you have the money now, order a custom protechsport from michel doganieri. its 300 bucks for a full fiberglass one and you get a custom fit to your head mold and you also get lifetime warranty.

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