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Originally Posted by Cullksinikers View Post
Second time in less than two years (Super Bowl the other) he broke his collarbone. Both times were in a dome. Just saw that he got hurt with under three minutes left with the team up by 14 points. ****ing stupid. Luckily, we have Jacksonville and a falling Arizona at home and a bye. We'll miss him for three weeks (Detroit, New York, and Minnesota).

Woodson is pretty bad in a coverage nowadays. I prefer House and Hayward over him opposite of Tramon to be honest. Woodson is good blitzing and against the run. His cover skills have gone to hell (see Wayne torching him). Still would love to see him on the field. Guy is a ballhawk and anticipates plays very well. He just can't keep up as well.

Just so you know: Casey Hayward will be the best cornerback in the division within two years. Watch this kid ball. According to PFF, going into this week, Hayward had allowed a passer rating of just 47.6 covering the slot position thus far in his rookie campaign, second best in the NFL to Webb from Baltimore. He is also tied for the NFL lead in interceptions with four.

It is not catastrophic, but it sucks to see my favorite Packer out. Love that guy to death and wish he could play forever.
There's a big difference between covering guys in the slot and covering guys on the outside. Tim Jennings QB rating against is 15.9. But really, the measure of a corner back is how often he's targeted.

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