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10-22-2012, 05:46 PM
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Originally Posted by FeedingFrenzy View Post
not sure I agree with this..When teams are handing out contracts like candy its hard to blame the players.For me I am behind the players. When they were willing to start the season and play while negotiating a new deal was the kicker for me.. Owners came up with this contract 5 years ago and now its not good enough for them. hello lockout..Play hockey and work out a new deal. Where I do fault both sides is waiting till this past summer to start talks!!
The players knew full well what they were doing and what was likely, or what had to happen, with the next CBA. That's why so many of the big money deals in the last year paid so much out in signing bonuses that couldn't be rolled back. Yes, the owners are to blame for their part, but it's not like the players are innocent here. You don't think their agents were working teams to get as much bonus and front-end money as possible? I would caveat though, that the majority of the players aren't to blame for that.. it's mostly the superstars who signed these ridiculous contracts. I'd say guys who signed reasonable, cap-friendly deals have a right to be pissed to some degree that owners don't want to honor existing contracts. I only say to some degree though, because the revenue split is unsustainable. No other sport comes even close to a 57/50 split in favor of players, so there has to be some rollback.

I wonder if they could target the egregious deals more heavily and roll those salaries back more than the guys with "normal" contracts. Maybe that wouldn't be enough to offset the reduction needed across the board though.

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